• DD75
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Yamaha DD75 Portable Digital Drums Tabletop (DD-75 / DD 75)

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Description :

Yamaha DD-75 Portable Digital Drums

DD-75 is a digital drum kit with eight touch-sensitive pads and two foot pedals. High quality drum and wide variety of percussion sounds from all over the world are mixed with orchestra voices to provide a wide range of musical opportunities. AUX IN jack lets you connect and MP3 player and play along with your favorite music.

• 8 touch-sensitive drum pads in an easy-playing layout allow for expressive drumming
• 2 assignable foot pedals included for kick, hi-hat or any other Voice
• Compact & portable design with battery operation allows you to play anywhere you want
• Headphone jack allows you to play anytime you want
• AUX IN jack for connecting and playing along with your favorite music
• 570 Voices assignable to any pad
• Hand Percussion Mode
• 105 built-in Songs for learning and playing along with
• 75 programmed Drum Kits + 10 Custom Kits
• 32-note polyphony
• Stereo speakers with bass port provide great sound quality
• Reverb and Master EQ
• Sensitivity adjustment for individual pads and bass pedal
• Record your own Songs (up to 5 in memory at one time)