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Tom Tom / Floor Drum Bracket ( FTD-1 / FTD1 / FTD 1 )

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Description :

A Tom Tom / Floor Drum Bracket is a drum hardware accessory designed to securely mount a tom-tom drum or a floor tom onto a drum kit. It provides stability and adjustability to position the drum at the desired angle and height.

Technical Specifications:

•Material: Made from durable metal alloy

•Mounting: Attaches to the drum shell and connects to a drum stand or rack system

•Adjustability: Usually features multiple pivot points for adjusting angle and height

•Compatibility: Designed to fit various tom-tom drum sizes and floor tom drums

Key Features:

•Versatile Mounting: Securely attaches tom-tom or floor tom to the drum kit, enhancing stability during playing.

•Adjustable Angle: Offers multi-axis adjustment, allowing drummers to position the drumhead to their preference.

•Height Customization: Enables precise control over the drum's height for comfortable playing and ergonomic setup.

•Durable Build: Crafted from robust materials to withstand the rigors of drumming and provide long-lasting performance.

•Wide Compatibility: Designed to accommodate various drum sizes and brands, ensuring broad usage across drum kits.


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