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Lug for Tom Tom Double Screw ( M4 / M4-A / M4A / M4-B / M4B )

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Description :

A lug for tom-tom drums with double screws is a drum hardware component designed to secure tension rods on a tom-tom drum. This specific lug has a distance of 3cm from the center of one screw hole to the center of the other, providing consistent tension and tuning across the drum head.

Technical Specifications:

•Screw Configuration: Features two screw holes for securing tension rods

•Center-to-Center Distance: 3cm distance from the center of one screw hole to the center of the other

•Material: Made from sturdy metal alloys

•Attachment: Mounted onto the drum shell using screws or bolts

•Compatibility: Suitable for most tom-tom drums and tension rod setups

Key Features:

•Precise Tuning: The double screw design ensures even tension distribution across the drum head, resulting in consistent and accurate tuning.

•Secure Fastening: Each screw provides a firm grip on the tension rod, preventing unintentional loosening during playing.

•Enhanced Resonance: The lug's minimal contact with the drum shell promotes better drum resonance and overall tone quality.

•Durable Build: Made from robust materials, these lugs offer durability and resilience, withstanding the rigors of drumming.

•Easy Maintenance: Swapping out drumheads or adjusting tension is made more convenient due to the accessible double screw design, facilitating quicker drum maintenance and sound experimentation.


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