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Double Ended Snare Drum Lug ( Slug-M2 / M-2 )

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Description :

A double-ended snare drum lug is a drum hardware component used to tension and secure snare wires on a snare drum. It attaches to both sides of the drum shell, providing balanced and consistent tension across the snare wires for optimal sound and response.

Technical Specifications:

•Material: constructed from durable metal

•Design: Consists of two attachment points, each with a screw or bolt to secure the lug onto the drum shell

•Compatibility: Compatible with most snare drums and snare wire configurations

•Quantity: Snare drums usually have multiple double-ended lugs spaced around the drum shell

Key Features:

•Even Tension: Double-ended lugs ensure uniform tension across both sides of the snare wires, leading to consistent and balanced snare response.

•Enhanced Snare Wire Control: Precise tension adjustments can be made on both sides, allowing drummers to fine-tune the snare sound to their preference.

•Improved Shell Resonance: The lug's design minimizes contact with the drum shell, promoting better shell resonance and overall drum tone.

•Sturdy Construction: Made from durable materials, double-ended lugs provide reliable and long-lasting performance, even under heavy use.

•Quick Snare Changes: The dual-sided design simplifies snare wire changes and maintenance, making it easier to experiment with different snare wire types or make adjustments on the fly during performances.


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