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Cymbal Stand Wing Nut - ( ZSSC TNT-M8 )

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RM 8.00
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Shipment within Whole Malaysia
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Description :

A cymbal stand wing nut is an essential component of a drum kit that secures cymbals in place on a cymbal stand. It is a threaded fastener designed to hold cymbals securely while allowing drummers to easily adjust the position and tension of the cymbals. This small yet crucial accessory contributes to the overall sound and performance of a drum kit.

Technical Specifications:

•Material: Made from durable metal alloys.

•Thread Size: Standard 8mm or 6mm threading compatible with most cymbal stands.

•Design: Wing-like extensions for easy manual tightening and loosening.

•Finish: Chrome-plated for corrosion resistance and sleek appearance.

•Compatibility: Fits various cymbal stands and accommodates different cymbal sizes.

Key Features:

•Quick Adjustment: Wing nut design enables drummers to rapidly adjust cymbal positioning during performances.

•Secure Hold: Provides a reliable grip on cymbal stands, preventing accidental movement or falling during play.

•User-Friendly: Easy to tighten and loosen by hand, eliminating the need for additional tools.

•Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most cymbal stands and cymbal sizes with standard threading.

•Durable Build: Constructed from robust materials to withstand the rigors of drumming and last through extended use.


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