• BT65R
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Bullet 65W Lead Guitar Amplifier with Distortion & Reverb (with Footswitch & Cable) -( BT-65R BT65 BT65R BT 65R / 65watt

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Description :

BT-65R has a clean channel and a overdrive channel. The 3 band EQ and SPRING REVERB make the tone more warm and more suitable for many performance styles. About the overdrive effect it added a SHARP button to add the power of the GAIN and let you get a more power overdrive tone. BT-65R standard is a 12” specialized speaker. As the nominal power is enough so we leave an outside speaker jack to convenience your performances. You can connect a 12” speaker no less than 4ohm. Besides BT-45R send you a foot switch panel FS-001 in order to convenience you to switch the overdrive channel. If you need to switch the REVERB channel, you can buy FS-002 foot switch panel from our agents.

  • Nominal power:65 watt
  • Max power:100 watt
  • Speaker:12”
  • Special function: clean/overdrive
  • Color: BLACK/WHITE
  • Place of production: CHINA
  • Design & Technology: U.S.A
  • Functions:
  • HIGH—To connect guitar with high-level input
  • LOW—To connect guitar with low-level input
  • VOLUME— Adjusts the overall level or volume of the amplifier
  • DRIVE— Select between BOOST and CLEAN
  • DIST— To adjust the preamplifier effect level for boost channel
  • VOL—To adjust the volume of amplifier when sound goes through the boost channel
  • SHARP— Sharp switch, pressed sound more ferocious and increasing grainy timbre.
  • BASS— Controls the boost and cut of the low frequency range
  • MID— Controls the boost and cut of the middle frequencies range
  • TREBLE— Controls the boost and cut of the upper frequencies range
  • REVERB—To adjust the spatial reverb effect
  • AUX —Connection for CD or MP3
  • FOOT SWITCH—The switch of foot pedal
  • EXT SPEAKER— To connect microphone.
  • PHONES— For connecting headphones with a 6.5mm stereo plug. When using the headphone jack, the speaker is disconnected
  • POWER—Turns amplifier ON and OFF


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