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AEROBAND AeroGuitar Stringless Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar, Portable Silent Smart Guitar w/ Removable Fretboard

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Desciption :

Beginners often experience finger pain, struggle with chord practice, and face slow progress, which can lead to a loss of interest when learning the guitar.

However, with two years of dedicated development, AeroBand Guitar has emerged as a game-changer. We've engineered pain-free silicone strings and introduced a softer, gentler approach to playing the guitar, effectively alleviating finger strain and making guitar learning significantly easier.

But AeroBand Guitar is not your typical guitar; it's an all-in-one solution. With support for nine different stringed instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, and even a silent guitar, you'll have a world of musical possibilities at your fingertips. What's more, AeroBand Guitar features MIDI output capabilities, transforming it into a versatile MIDI guitar, allowing you to explore endless creative horizons.

Say goodbye to finger pain, slow progress, and waning motivation. AeroBand Guitar is here to revolutionize your guitar learning experience, making it painless, enjoyable, and filled with musical exploration.


• 9 Guitar Tones

AeroBand Guitar serves as a versatile instrument, offering the capabilities of nine different stringed instruments in one compact device.

• Drum Loop

It features an integrated drum loop function, allowing you to create rhythm and percussion accompaniments to enhance your music.

• Sound Card

AeroBand Guitar's sound card supports microphone connection, turning your guitar into a KTV-like experience

• Built In Amplifier

It functions as an amplifier, boosting your guitar's sound and providing the necessary volume for performances or practice.

• MIDI Device

AeroBand Guitar doubles as a MIDI device, enabling you to explore a wide range of digital sound possibilities and integrate with various music production tools.


  • • Length : 39.21in
  • • Width : 12.80in
  • • Thickness : 2.68in
  • • Weight : 2.7kg
  • • Design : 39-inch detachable structure
  • • Two Bluetooth : 
  • - Bluetooth 1 Version 5.1
  • - Bluetooth 2 version 5.3
  • • Guitar battery life : 10-12h
  • • Battery : 13500mAh
  • • Charging Time : Fast charge : 3-4h
  • • Charging Time : Slow charge : 7-8h


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